Photo & Video Schedule


The easiest way to track when your photos and videos will be ready is to follow our Facebook Page and Vimeo Page.  Follow the list below and you’ll get a much better idea of when your wedding photos and videos will be ready. The couple at the top of the list is who’s wedding is coming up next.  Please note that this list is only weddings.  This list only includes unfinished projects.  Revisions, albums, canvases, USBs and other materials are sent out every Friday once all photos AND videos have been edited and approved.  If you have not purchased the Raw Footage, Raw Footage will be deleted within 7 days of sending out the final edits.

You will see engagement shoots in between these, but those edit times are relatively small compared to the wedding edits, so they’re not listed here. Thank you so much and I look forward to getting you your photos and videos!


1. Juliya + Devang (Photos + Sneak Film + Feature Film)
2. Megha + Saraubh (Pre-Wed Photos + Highlight Film + Feature Film)
3. Allison + Sean (Photos)

1. Kevan + Prachi